Barry Shore is “The Ambassador of Joy”. 
Barry is the man who was completely paralyzed (overnight… from a rare disease) and built a system to Give One Billion dollars without costing any Giver a penny. He is a successful serial entrepreneur in several industries. Since childhood he has been involved in doing things that both bring benefit to people and make money.

Barry sold scorecards at Fenway Park from ages 12-14 and not only made lots of money (ask about a great story from these years) but learned important life lessons for other successful business ventures.

(and saw dozens of Red Sox games…for Free!)

The Ambassador of JOY was an inveterate traveler who in his late teens went to Europe on a one-way ticket (yes, You COULD do this in 1967!) and stayed for over 3 years. He utilized his talents and refined his skills in working with people from many cultures/languages/ viewpoints to not only survive but flourish.

When he returned to Boston (his home town) it was as a budding entrepreneur in a unique field and opened a fashionable boutique on the hippest shopping street in the City: Newberry Street. This store, named FRED, was written up in Boston Magazine and was frequented by local and national celebrities like Cheech and Chong.

While traveling via car to the National Boutique Show in NYC in June 1972 Barry was struck in a head on collision at 60 mph. Despite being in a VW Beetle (without a seat belt…hey it WAS 1972) and the car rushing headlong was a big full-size Buick, Barry lived. It was touch and go for a few hours. The result was a broken right femur (the biggest and hardest bone in the body) which thankfully was operated on by top surgeons (the accident happened in Westchester County NY) and two high-tech new rare metal plates each with 10 2- inch bolts were inserted into his body. Was it assured he would walk again? NO.

Did he?

YES. Now it did take more than 2 years of intensive physical therapy (mostly hatha yoga…3 hours/day for 5/days/week), 2 more operations and a resolute prayer oriented positive purposeful powerful attitude.

The successful combination was of prayer, therapy, and LOVE. The last being giving and receiving. By studying (for hours per day) with devoted teachers and consciously thinking about the healing power of the body, Barry became a model for hundreds of people with challenging physical and mental issues. He was happy to be able to be of benefit. During this time Barry advised several new businesses (paid well for this) and returned to University to get his double degree in History and Economics from the University of Massachusetts.

In 1975 Barry decided to relocate to southern California, having visited several times over the previous 3 years. After all, one doesn’t need a VISA to travel and move in the United States, unlike his years in Europe (remember…pre EU) when he was there. Oh, the weather WAS a major factor. Warm without humidity all year round (Boston lacked this during the winter….and fall…and humid with bugs in the summer) on the ocean (ok…he lived in Beverly Hills for his first few years there….then to Venice Beach) and an open make things happen vibe.

The big draw was the Gemological Institute of America, the foremost school in the world for studying diamonds and gems. Not only did Barry attend but he excelled and was asked to teach the diamond program. This he did for 3 years and met some of the most important people in the world wide diamond business, which in the late 70’s was still as portrayed in movies, books, and popular myth……meaning everything was done with a handshake and one’s word was the bond to seal deals worth millions of dollars.

In 1979 Barry and his partner, Frank C Bonham (one of the most talented gemologists in the country) became wholesale diamond dealers. Within 3 years they bought and sold over $100 million dollars of diamonds, advised a NY Trust Fund on a $20 million diamond fund, authored a book on Investing in Diamonds ($85 sell price and 3,000 copies sold), applied for and was approved for the first Limited Partnership in diamond/gem investment in the State of California.

And then a major early Venture Capital Company approached the Shore/Bonham Team and made an offer you can’t refuse to acquire their expertise in gems, sales, and management. Now Shore was out in the field teaching and training more than 1200 agents to position hard assets (primarily diamonds/gems) in people’s retirement accounts. Barry was the public face because of his unique talents to connect with people and impart knowledge in an easy yet powerful platform. Audiences ranged from 50 to 5,000. Recall this was all done prior to the Internet, Zoom, Cell Phones, Texting, and even mail.

Fun story: Barry had the FIRST dedicated FAX line in downtown Los Angeles in his offices on the 41st floor of the tallest building in all of Los Angeles. This to communicate with the HQ of the acquiring Company. Those were still the days of TELEX (for those reading this unaware of this term…please search it).

After a brief retirement at age 34, Barry returned to business and built an international telephony company. He had traveled the World and recognized the disparities and high costs of calling both nationally and internationally because Government controlled telecommunications. The USA was the first country in the world to deregulate and the resultant competition caused prices to fall and availability to soar.  From this grew an innovative process in 1999 that enabled a FAX (it was dominant then…virtually no email in the world!) to be sent and received via email to 17 countries for free. He was awarded two patents in this space and built a stellar executive team. He sold the company 18 months later for more than $10 million. Today, the acquiring company has a $4 billion market cap.

Barry then built a predecessor to Skype, enabling people to call to 21 countries for free. In nine months, the company was bought by a NASDQ-listed company.

Barry was called out of retirement a second time, by a major California real estate company to bring broadband and internet services to their portfolio of 20,000 apartment units and millions of square feet of commercial properties.

And then another “head on collision”. On September 17, 2004, life as he knew it changed and Barry became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare neurological disease Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS…aka French polio). His journey to regain partial mobility lasted several years and caused him to, as he eloquently puts it, “GO MAD,” his acronym for Go Make a Difference!
This means in essence: bringing the unique combination of Barry’s positive purposeful powerful attitude with a zest for LIFE based on JOY. Barry envisioned a site/portal that would enable people to LIVE in JOY, daily. To that end www.barryhsore.com was born.

As part of the process Barry brought together several of his most successful processes that touch and transform people.

One of these is the 2-decade running KEEP SMILING MOVEMENT. In short there are KEEP SMILING Cards that are in 27 languages which make a difference in people’s lives. Thus far more than 1,235,000 have been distributed worldwide. The next Goal is 10 Million cards by the end of 2020. In addition to physical cards which are FREE (postage must be paid) there is the opportunity to send Keep Smiling cards worldwide via email. There are several powerful positive messages which enhance and even save lives (ask Barry for several of these stories!).

Further is the innovative platform that enables people to give money to their favorite cause at no cost.

Barry attracted a group of talented, successful and caring professionals to help build the portal known as DLYTED.com (pronounced Dee Lighted). He has been granted a patent in the process and developed the formula to create an ecosystem of good, where supporters, brands and causes mutually benefit.

Barry’s mission is focused on transforming the multi-trillion dollar giving space by “making everyday giving effortless and meaningful” with the big, hairy, audacious goal of giving one billion dollars to worthy causes without costing anyone a penny to donate.

As Barry notes, we can now change the world, one small donation at a time.

The next step in Giving at No Cost is a Card Link Process that enables Supporters of Causes to register their existing credit card, whether VISA, MC, AMEX, on the site: www.iget2give.com. Causes encourage their Supporters to sign up because the result is people getting money when shopping at Merchants on the system and at the same time giving an equal percentage to the Cause of choice without costing anyone a penny. It’s a seamless, frictionless, easy process. Everyone WINS: The Merchant has a more dedicated client, the Cause has an ongoing monthly revenue stream, and the User/Supporter earns money (!) and gives money (!) with a swipe of their credit card.

Always looking for innovation and compassionate smart capable people Barry was introduced to a like-minded force for good in the body of Paul Marsolan. Along with his wife Betsy they have 2 young sons…the older has Charge Syndrome and the second is Autistic. Paul is one of the world’s leading experts in internet security and online transactions. His most recent Company was acquired by American Express.

So we collaborated and built one of the most frictionless fabulous fun and easy platforms that enables monthly giving with spare change. No one carries change these days. So, there is now an APP that allows

Supporters to set it/forget it and select a designated monthly maximum which is automatically to the Cause of choice. This is a breakthrough that helps build the “Giving Muscle” for certain populations: Millennials and Gen Zers and those who want to help but are too busy. It’s called Changebowl.com and Oprah mentioned this as one ‘of her favorite things’ in her famous December edition of her magazine.

For the first time in history we can all make small donations and Make A Difference. Effortlessly and meaningfully.

This is a profound powerful shift in the multi-trillion-dollar charitable giving world in the United States.

Barry is living GO MAD.

And this is a benefit to thousands of people. Barry has focused his prodigious energy on assisting people who are ready to move into Living with JOY, daily.

People will be able to experience Barry via his writings and videos. Most everything for FREE.

Most recently, Barry created the RadioShow/Podcast: The JOY of LIVING, which is streamed live on VoiceAmerica.com each Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. The JOY of LIVING Show exists for one reason only: it’s all about YOU, the listener. The show features some of the most remarkable people on the planet and is heard by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and more than 25,000 people download the Podcast and then share.

Because as Barry points out: Sharing is Caring. With Family. Friends. And especially with people who are not (yet) friends AND people who You think don’t like You or You seemingly don’t like. Build bridges based on JOY Happiness Peace & LOVE and YOU build a better world.

Barry is also the founder of the Moment of Love ™ podcast, which he delivers to thousands of people throughout the world several times a week. For FREE. This 2-minute insight into ideas that matter delivers positive powerful purposeful messages in a FUNN way.

Barry ShoreAs part of his recovery and rehabilitation from full body paralysis, Barry has become an avid swimmer. He uses swim aids such as a snorkel for breathing and paddles on his hands because he can’t close his fingers and flotation devices on both legs to keep them from sinking.  Despite the obstacles, he has built up his ability so that he now logs two miles a day, six days a week. He has accumulated (as of June 6, 2019) more than 7,148 miles which is the distance from his home in Venice Beach, California across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii then on to Taiwan and up to Shanghai, China. It’s been 11 years and he now swims those 2 miles in 100 minutes and has a fabulous tan. Yes Martha, he does swim outdoors. Oh Hello… it’s Southern California. And YES, he swims in all weather (wet suit in winter!).

Oh he has a waterproof MP3 Player (the FINIS model… bone conductivity if You please) and listens to inspiring music, classes, and his own prerecorded insights to test in the water. Do they really hold water (ok…enjoy the tongue in cheek)?

Barry understands that each day is a gift to be cherished and is focused on sharing his JOY of LIVING with the world.

To that end he has founded The JOY of LIVING Institute.

This is a primary resource for people wanting to acquire practices, tips, and tools to LIVE in JOY, daily.

Stay tuned for more information.

Right now all is hosted on www.barryshore.com

Sincerest best wishes for Continuing Success in All Endeavors.



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