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Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, brings You a Wizard of Wonder; Yes, WOW! Get ready for insights that will make You Think and ACT. Dov successfully helps clients use “backwards” networking to reach their fullest potential, consistently. You’ll learn how to gain referrals and build relationships that nourish and nurture. Listen carefully as Barry and Dov share how to become an “under the radar leader” in Your industry. And then You’ll hear how to leverage what You do for free into a six figure income stream. It’s Alchemy of the highest order. Buckle UP!

Show Notes:

  • 10:46 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 12:03 – Dov Gordon discusses the 2 most critical aspects that everybody really wants
  • 14:47 – Dov Gordon shares how he discovered “backwards” networking
  • 21:11 – What it means to bring somebody of value
  • 37:00 – The Alchemist process of making profitable relationships
  • 46:42 – Barry’s Interesting Wrap Up


How Consultants use ‘backwards’ networking to reach ideal clients and launch a $200k a year revenue stream for things you’re already doing for free…