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21 01, 2020

Making A Difference

By |2020-01-21T11:20:36-08:00January 21st, 2020|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com, Dick Larkin, ChenMed, CEDA, Community Action Agency, Value Based Health Care, proactive and accountable care, WWW, WOW, SMILE, THANK You, FUNN, CREATE, Break the Cycle of Poverty, Shift Mind Set, Be A Giver, Believe in Giving, GO MAD, Life Has a PurposeThe JOY of LIVING Radio Show is broadcast live at Monday's at 3PM PT on K4HD - [...]

8 01, 2020

Centenarians RULE

By |2020-01-08T08:41:38-08:00January 8th, 2020|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com, WWW, WOW, SMILE, SMIEL, CREATE, THANK, FUNN, YOU, Swimming, Walk in Water, Exercise, Never Give Up, Aida, 107 years young, Maurine Kornfeld, 97 year young swimmer, oldest active member of 64,000 member US Masters Swimming, Mighty Mo, Focus on others not on oneself, Camp Fire Girls, Torch Bearer, Give Light Undimmed to others, Jim Rainey, LA Times, 11 [...]

3 01, 2020

36 Words to Uplift the WORLD

By |2020-01-03T12:05:02-08:00January 3rd, 2020|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com, WWW, WOW, SMILE, SMIEL, CREATE, FUNN, THANK YOU, 8 words: if it's to be it's up to me, 7 words: never give up, never, never,never, never, Winston Churchill, 6 words: choice not chance determines your destiny, 5 words; this is who i am, 4 words: how can i help, 3 words, i love you, i love God, God [...]

26 12, 2019


By |2019-12-26T10:19:16-08:00December 26th, 2019|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com,WWW,WOW,SMILE,CREATE,THANK You, FUNN, David Corbin, Anne Smith, Adore the Differences, Respect the Commitment, Esther Hicks, Spiritual, Become Attractive, Be a Magnet, Allison Armstrong, Welcome to Today, True Student, Woman of Wisdom, Live on the Vibrational Plane, Bring out the FunnyThe JOY of LIVING Radio Show is broadcast live at Monday's at 3PM PT on K4HD - Hollywood Talk Radio [...]

13 12, 2019

Cannabis Queen Shares HIGH INSights

By |2019-12-13T12:17:26-08:00December 13th, 2019|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJoy, barryshore.com, www.twitter.com/barryeshore, www.instagram.com/barryeshore. www.facebook.com/barryeshore, www.linkedin.com/in/barryshore, WWW, WOW, SMILE, CREATE, FUNN, THANK You, Frankie Boyer, Cannabis Queen, CBD, EpiGenetics, Good Health Good Intestines, BlueZone, Holistic Health, Lifestyle Style, Cannabis Talk A-Z, Genesis Network, BIZ Talk, the answer to the opioid crisis, Veterans Dying Daily by suicide, NO SUGAR, the body needs bitters, eat whole foods, age gracefullyThe JOY of LIVING [...]

9 12, 2019

Illuminate the NEGATIVE

By |2019-12-09T06:52:55-08:00December 9th, 2019|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com, WWW, WOW, SMILE, CREATE, FU-NN, THANK, David Corbin, Illuminate the Negative, Robin Williams with an MBA, From Image to Influence, Knowledge, Association, Sense of Humor, Impeachment, Peloton, Mentor to Mentors,Maintain Positive Attitude, Face It, Follow It, Fix It, Alan Taylor, Media Mogul, Heart Driven Entrepreneur, Pure Blooded car Guy, Roy Masters, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, The Drive, [...]

9 12, 2019

MON-day is the BEST-Day

By |2019-12-09T06:51:50-08:00December 9th, 2019|Uncategorised|

AmbassadorOfJOY, barryshore.com, WWW, WOW, SMILE, CREATE, THANK, FU-NN, TGIM, Renna Nightingale, Actress, Travel, Confetti, Impeachment, Peloton, Curiosity Over Fear, Resiliency, Eat Rejection, JOY Heals, Doing My Best, i am NOT what i DO, GENESIS Thought, Morning Devotional, Journal, It's How You Finish, Get OUT of Your Comfort Zone, Always Learning, You're in a Miracle, Singer, YouTube Star, MONday Video, MONday [...]

25 11, 2019

YOU Grow by Learning & Sharing

By |2019-11-25T06:44:40-08:00November 25th, 2019|Uncategorised|

Ambassador of JOY, barryshore.com, WWW, WOW, SMILE, CREATE, THANK You, FUNN, Tim Connor, timconnor.com, 5 Mantras, Charles Stanley, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Young At Heart, Learn from Adversity, What's Your Legacy, GO MAD, Make A Positive Impact, JOY is who You are, What are You doing TODAY, Turn Whine into Wine, Get Old don't Grow Old, Your Brain as a Positive [...]

13 11, 2019


By |2019-11-13T08:50:04-08:00November 13th, 2019|Uncategorised|

barryshore.com, AmbassadorOfJOY, JOY of LIVING Institute, WWW, SMILE, CREATE, THANK, FUNN, RyanLong, CityGala, Richard Branson, PuffDaddy,Ashton Kutcher, THORN, human slavery,Matthew McConaughey, Just Keep Livin, John Travolta, Russell Simmons, Greg Reid, John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell, Jeff Timmons, Halle Berry,Gene Simmons, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, Buzz Aldrin, Tyrese Gibson, Zendaya, Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, Richard Dreyfuss, James Cameron, Jane Seymour,Ray Lewis, [...]

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