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14 12, 2021

The Art Of Giving With Gershon Distenfeld


  If you're healthy and productive, you have an obligation to give back and help make the world a better place. The art of giving is one of the BIG reasons as to why you were put in this world. Join the Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore as he is honored to talk to one of the world’s most successful [...]

The Art Of Giving With Gershon Distenfeld2021-12-13T02:53:40-08:00
23 11, 2021

Give Up Happiness With John Demartini


  Give up happiness. That is Dr. John Demartini’s message. John is one of the most celebrated world-renowned specialists in human behavior and considered one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership and entrepreneurialism. John joins Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, to share why you need to let go of immediate happiness and lean in to frustration to find your [...]

Give Up Happiness With John Demartini2021-11-26T04:56:05-08:00
9 11, 2021

Michael Medved on America


  What is wrong with America today? What can we do to fix it and get our country back? And can we do it? We answer these questions and more as Barry Shore gets into an insightful conversation with political commentator, film critic and author Michael Medved on the state of the country. Michael shares his views on America, what [...]

Michael Medved on America2021-11-09T05:14:27-08:00
21 09, 2021

The SLEEP AMBASSADOR With Nancy H. Rothstein


  Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, introduces you to the Dreamy Sleep Ambassador, Nancy Rothstein. Nancy is a sleep expert, the Director of Sleep Health at Resonea, and is the host of The Sleep Radio Show. She is also the author of My Daddy Snores, which has sold over 400,000 copies! Do not sleep on her talent, people! Join Nancy on her quest to [...]

The SLEEP AMBASSADOR With Nancy H. Rothstein2021-09-22T06:28:31-07:00
14 09, 2021

JV’s Rawk With Jay Fiset


  If you're here and alive, you should live exuberantly. Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is delighted to bring You the Master of Joint Ventures, Jay Fiset. You’ll learn as this bestselling author, student of human nature, and avid outdoorsman discusses in depth how to go upstream and downstream to grow your business exponentially. Jay is the recipient of [...]

JV’s Rawk With Jay Fiset2021-09-15T12:32:30-07:00
7 09, 2021

Radical Sisters With Liz Edlich


  Make your goal big enough that it scares and excites you. This is what Liz Edlich invites you to do today. Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is delighted to introduce a Radical Sister who is transforming the world of skincare and women entrepreneurs. Liz Edlich and her sister Rachel created Radical Sisters, a consumer marketing company that developed [...]

Radical Sisters With Liz Edlich2021-10-19T21:59:32-07:00
10 08, 2021

YouTube GURU With Evan Carmichael


  The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore, welcomes YouTube GURU, Evan Carmichael. You will be thrilled to hear Evan’s story of rising and falling as an entrepreneur. Growing up as an awkward kid, Evan turned himself into the world’s leading expert on gaining YouTube subscribers, revenue from advertising, and owning the largest salsa dance studio in Canada. Lean in to [...]

YouTube GURU With Evan Carmichael2021-09-02T04:59:50-07:00


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