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The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, welcomes one’s of the world’s premier Marketing and Branding Experts, Rick Schirmer. You may not knopw his name but You DO know the Names of People and Brands he works with and for. Rick is Disney trained; having worked with  Michael Eisner, Bob Iger, John Lasseter, Roy Disney, and John Cooke. His branding expertise  and viral marketing vision has enabled him to help create award-winning experiences  for Chick-fil-A, Disney, Universal Pictures, P&G, Coca-Cola, “Harry Potter,” “Toy Story,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” “The Purge,” “The Cove,” “Food, Inc.” You’ll lean in as Barry and Rick discuss the current wave of change that is transforming Entertainment as a direct result of Lock Down and reassessment of Distribution. Important Dialogue. Secrets Revealed!