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Amazing! The Ambassador of JOY welcomes the Chief Happiness officer and TOGETHER they Elevate Humanity throughout the Planet….and Beyond! Yes, Barry Shore is humbled and honored to SHARE the dynamism, energy, and Vision of Edwin Edebri. Edwin’s Mission is to inspire and encourage others to Reach their full potential and thereby have a positive impact on the world through service and love. Edwin has interviewed over 1,000 people about Happiness and based on their answers, he has built a list of 10 things everyone can do to become happier and spread Happiness.

Edwin also is the inspiration behind the global happiness summit and the founder of the I am Happy Project, now in 64 cities in 19 countries. You will be tickled as Barry and Edwin bring their infectious LOVE and SMILES to each other and the World. THE Episode to listen to repeatedly and SHARE with 10 of Your besties.

Show Notes:

  • 12:53 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 17:48 – Why you should incorporate happiness as a skill
  • 27:24 – Do not allow your past nor your future to rob you of your present
  • 39:12 – How the power of mind works
  • 49: 32 – Barry’s Interesting Wrap Up