The JOY of LIVING Institute ™, headquartered in Southern California, and accessible worldwide via the internet, is the foremost place of its kind in the World. It has researched and published the 11 Strategies for Living with JOY, Daily.

Its Mission is to enable Everyone to Live in JOY, daily.

The Institute was founded by Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY. Barry’s story as a successful serial entrepreneur who was struck with a rare disease and became totally paralyzed overnight has helped inspire tens of thousands. Through his arduous recovery his spirit has soared to new heights in the awareness of JOY, and this revelation guides him with the ability to share and teach insights that enable most everyone on the planet to Live in JOY, daily. The JOLI™ is a Non Profit 501C3 organization dedicated to helping individuals reframe their thoughts, words, and deeds to become the best possible YOU and thereby infuse the World with enough Goodness to transform Lives everywhere. YOU are invited to JOYN. (I spelled it this way purposely)

Reframing is the process of utilizing words and acronyms to find Positive Purposeful Powerful aspects to rewire our thoughts and words and hopefully our deeds.
11 Strategies for Living in JOY, daily

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