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Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, introduces You to the inspiring founder of Second Chance Athletes, Darryll Stinson. Former defensive end for a nationally ranked school, dynamic TEDx speaker, hip-hop artist, pastor, husband and father Darryll shares his life experiences of overcoming addiction, rejection, depression, and suicide attempts. Barry and Darryll discuss how emerging from these traumas enabled Darryll to become a pastor, coach, and guide to help other athletes transition from the clutches of waywardness into the light of success. You will thrill to the stories of lives rebuilt to thrive with acceptance, belief, discovery, purpose, and persistence. You will be delighted to hear the journey of discovery as Darrylll emerges like the Phoenix and now helps people GO MAD: Go Make A Difference. You will be better for hearing this transforming discussion. Be sure to SHARE with Your family and friends.

Ready to Gain Massive Clarity of Your Life’s Purpose?

Ready to Gain Massive Clarity of Your Life’s Purpose?

Featured Guest

Darryll Stinson

Darryll Stinson is an entrepreneur, pastor, speaker and a suicide survivor. He played defensive end at a nationally ranked school. He attempted to take his life in 2011 due to an athletic career-ending injury. Through a life-changing encounter at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, Darryll got a second chance and came to know that his life mattered. He began the arduous journey of discovering his identity and purpose outside of sports. With years of research, meditation, workshops, and self-examination, Darryll gained clarity of his identity, found his purpose and began to help others do the same. Darryll is the voice behind SeondChanceAthletes.com. He is also an executive pastor of Growth Ministries at Life Church International in Duluth, GA, where he oversees guest experience, small groups, and community outreach. He also serves partners with Fellowship of Christian Athletes to help athletes better their character, faith and athletic performance. Darryll is a devoted husband/father.