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The Ambassador of JOY meets the Master of Magical Thinking! Barry interviews one of the most gregarious, insightful, and genuinely Visionary Beings on the Planet: Feldman of Chicago. You’ll be amazed and intrigued as James discusses how many ways You can Make Stuff Happen when You know the Principles. He is known as the NOWIST and You’ll learn the Techniques that have enabled James to helped Organizations identify what can be done NOW to evaluate problems, create a vision where others aren’t looking, capture what others are not seeing, and discover new opportunities. Whether You’re as Big as FORD or just starting out You will THRILL to learning SECRETS to leverage Your thoughts and actions. Buckle UP! Theis Episode is a Rocket.

Show Notes:

  • 13:20 – Barry’s Rousing Introduction
  • 17:45 – James shares his method 3D thinking to make businesses think outside the box
  • 33:43 – The idea of not trying to sell big ideas to small-minded people
  • 38:17 – What it means to be an innovative practitioner
  • 48: 43 – Barry’s Interesting Wrap Up