2 11, 2021

Peter Nolan on the Economy


Peter Nolan on the Economy Barry, the Ambassador of JOY, invites Peter Nolan one of America’s leading businessmen to discuss: SOB: State Of Business. Get ready for inside information on where we’re going. Peter founded Nolan Capital, Inc. for his family office to make long term investments in growth-oriented companies. Peter is Senior Advisor to Leonard Green & [...]

Peter Nolan on the Economy2021-11-14T12:47:12-08:00
26 10, 2021

How To Thrive with CJ Finley


How To Thrive with CJ Finley The Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore, as he brings You one of the most dynamic young Change Makers in the United States: C J Finley. Adrenaline junky, athlete, serial entrepreneur, husband, CJ quit his engineering career to pursue his passion of helping the world, and the people on it, THRIVE. You’ll be [...]

How To Thrive with CJ Finley2021-11-14T14:13:19-08:00


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