9 11, 2021

Michael Medved on America


  What is wrong with America today? What can we do to fix it and get our country back? And can we do it? We answer these questions and more as Barry Shore gets into an insightful conversation with political commentator, film critic and author Michael Medved on the state of the country. Michael shares his views on America, what [...]

Michael Medved on America2021-11-09T05:14:27-08:00
26 10, 2021

Save our Society With Chamie Heber & Leslie Klein


SAVING OUR SOCIETY WITH CHAMIE SENDER AND LESLIE KLEIN Your Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is honored to introduce Two Dynamic Educators, Mothers, and Community Leaders. Chamie Sender and Leslie Klein are both highly acclaimed successful personalities who have a positive message for Saving Our Society; both here in the America and Worldwide. You will find their talk [...]

Save our Society With Chamie Heber & Leslie Klein2021-11-04T18:40:02-07:00


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