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The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore, is honored to bring You one of the most thoughtful, thought-provoking thinkers in today’s world regarding the American experience.  Jason D. Hill is a professor of philosophy at DePaul University and the author of five books.  He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and has been a professional writer and book author for over thirty years. He is a specialist in ethics, moral psychology, and American politics, and has been published in major magazines. He is also a well-respected motivational speaker.

Barry and Jason will discuss his explosive thesis of the immorality of the Reparations Movement.

Jason came to this country at the age of twenty from Jamaica and has thrived beyond his wildest dreams. He remains incredibly grateful to this country for its bountiful opportunities.

Show Notes:

  • 11:51 – Barry’s rousing introduction
  • 14:38 – Jason tells the difference between a Democracy and a Republic and why reparations are destructive to a Republic
  • 20:48 – How come slavery was condoned in a Constitutional republic
  • 35:55 – Jason’s bold statement about the immorality of the Reparations Movement and why it’s the next big thing in America
  • 48:08 – Barry’s Interesting wrap-up